Leasing Overview 
What You Need To Know About Employee Leasing:
Save Money. Save Jobs. Save Facilities.
Increase Efficiency. Increase Productivity.
Employee leasing is a really simple concept, but many Community Mental Health Organization executives still aren’t very familiar with how it works or what it looks like when implemented. Some people hear employee leasing and run for the hills; they think you lose control over hiring and employee decisions and compensation. Some people even think it means that you have to terminate your staff and then start over with a new one. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that employee leasing through ActionMed Personnel allows you to save about 10% of your gross payroll cost by reducing some key employee benefits, by shopping your health insurance a bit, and by introducing some efficiencies into your business. Savings of $500,000 on a $5 million annual payroll are realistic and achievable in many situations.

And even though the end results and savings are amazing, the list of things that stay EXACTLY the same as right now is equally as surprising: With employee leasing, you keep the same employees, at the same pay, the same managers, the same hierarchy, and everyone stays in their same locations with their same job titles. And you and your managers still have the same control over employee decisions. Just like you do right now.

Better Technology, Better Systems & LESS Red Tape = Better Productivity

The only things that do change are things that you won’t mind: Instead of old-fashioned, time-consuming manual payroll processing, with employee leasing, you’ll upgrade to state-of-the-art, fully automated KRONOS electronic timekeeping systems. This will put informational reports in your manager’s hands and allow for real accountability. You’ll know, for example, exactly how much labor costs you have per location. Or effortlessly calculate shift-differential. Or spend MINUTES—instead of DAYS—researching how much you spent on overtime during the last six months. 

When you lease your employees from ActionMed Personnel, you’ll also find that hiring is MUCH faster because we’re not a government agency. We can hire non-clinical employees in about 15 days, and clinical employees in about 30 days. We can also discipline habitually underperforming employees quickly and easily for the same reason—we don’t have to wade through endless red tape to take ACTION. And you know all the legal headaches you have to deal with now? EEOC claims, labor law issues, on-the-job injuries, and so forth? With ActionMed Personnel in place, those problems become OUR problems, not yours. 
Easy To Implement. In Fact, It’s Seamless. 

Employee leasing is easy for both you and your employees to switch to; in fact, it’s essentially seamless to implement. The only difference your employees will notice is the change in benefits—mostly PTO and retirement matching—and a new company name on their paychecks. 

Okay, so employee leasing is the solution. And the ONLY company that specializes specifically in employee leasing for 
Community Mental Health Organizations is ActionMed Personnel. Our company was founded by folks with a medical background, so we know exactly what your needs are, and how to achieve the highest possible level of savings and efficiencies, without compromising your employees or services to the community. 

Naturally, the amount of savings you can expect will depend on the size of your gross payroll, what kinds of benefits you’re currently offering, and how many of your employees you decide to lease. I’m sure you have plenty of questions—and you’ll find those answers on this website, and by speaking to an ActionMed representative, who can help you see how employee leasing can work for your specific situation. 

The next step is simple: Take our 40-second feasibility analysis to see if employee leasing will work for you. There are just 4 quick questions you’ll need to answer, and we’ll be able to tell if your organization is a candidate for saving as much as 10% of gross payroll costs. Just click the button at the very top of this page, and you’ll be on your way! 


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