Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How Much Money Can We Realistically Expect To Save?
A: Naturally, savings depends on several factors, but savings generally average about 8 - 10% of gross payroll (after our fees).  Back to Top
Q: How Do You Realize These Savings?
A: A combination of benefit modification, reducing health insurance costs, and administrative efficiencies. In most cases, NO EMPLOYEE cuts are necessary.  Back to Top
Q: How Do You Improve Efficiency?
A: Several ways: increased hiring effectiveness tools like web-based time cards, robust reporting.  Back to Top
Q: Web-Based Time Cards Are Expensive—Doesn’t That RAISE Our Costs?
A: No. We use Kronos, but you don’t directly pay for the service. We use it for all of our clients to manage hundreds and hundreds of employees, and we can efficiently and effectively implement it into your organization. The reports and information we can generate using this system allow you to hold managers far more accountable for payroll expenses, which ultimately saves you a lot of money.  Back to Top
Q: Do I Have To Lease ALL Of My Employees?
A: No. You can choose to lease all or some of your employees. Our representative can give you suggestions and ideas suited to your situation.  Back to Top
Q: What Do We Maintain Control Over vs. What Do You Assume Control For?
A: You still have direct control over all hiring decisions, salary levels, and management controls. But since we are a 3rd party, non-government entity, we can hire employees very efficiently (15 days for non-clinical and 30 days for clinical workers). We can also quickly and easily terminate problem employees because of the lack of governmental red tape. Your Community Mental Health Organization will run much more effectively and therefore be better equipped to compete with private hospitals and medical facilities.  Back to Top
Q: How Much Do Your Services Cost?
A: Our savings to our clients average about 16% of gross payroll, and our fees average about 6%, leaving a 10% gross savings for YOU. Naturally, these numbers will vary depending on several factors; contact us to discuss your situation and we’ll prepare a detailed quote tailored to your situation.  Back to Top
Q: How Hard/Easy Is This To Implement?
A: Super easy. We do all the behind-the-scenes work to make the transition essentially seamless to you and your employees.  Your “transition anxiety” will be greatly reduced when you realize we have a detailed, methodical process that is implemented over the course of 60 to 90 days.  Back to Top
Q: Can’t We Just Implement Some Of These Kinds Of Changes Ourselves?
A: Probably not. Employee benefits are a sensitive topic for employees, and not one that many Community Mental Health Organizations are equipped to handle well when implementing changes on their own. Furthermore, most organizations lack the expertise to evaluate benefit packages on an ongoing basis to make sure that you’ve ALWAYS got the most cost-effective solution. And even if you did implement benefit reduction programs yourself, you are still, ultimately, a government employer and must deal with all of the associated red tape when hiring, firing, administering progressive discipline and dealing with legal issues. These are all areas where we can excel due to being a private-sector employer.  Back to Top


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