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ActionMed Personnel (AMP), formed in 2006, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEXus Medical Holdings, LLC. Based in Macon, Georgia, AMP is a management services company that provides staff leasing to the Community Mental Health Organizations in Georgia. AMP’s systems and processes are aligned with its high performing employees to deliver quality care and service to the CSB consumers. AMP is dedicated to, and promises its client base, competitive pricing and the most qualified healthcare professional placement.

Managment Services & Staff Leasing
AMP assists the client to deliver quality service to consumers and financial performance improvement by focusing in the following four (4) strategic business areas:

Increase efficiency.
 Key efficiency metrics at the Community Mental Health Organizations include improving quality, service, consumer care, waste, and work process flow. AMP hires quality employees who are optimally suited to the organization's environment. Having a more highly qualified employee on board helps the organization increase efficiency and billable hours.

AMP utilizes Paychex, KRONOS Workforce Central Timekeeper, and StaffMed as systems to reduce the need for manual processes in payroll and credentialing.

Reduce labor costs.
Hiring and training staff represent one of the highest costs at the Community Mental Health Organizations. Through a contractual relationship with AMP, leased employees are paid using a third party vendor. PayChex processes the bi-weekly payroll and manages W-2 compliance/regulatory reporting for taxes and ERISA purposes.

Focus on core business functions.
Every business has limited resources and every manager has limited time. With AMP’s strategic partnerships clients can focus on delivering quality consumer care and service. AMP establishes a local office within the client Community Mental Health Organizations region to manage the contractual obligations of the organization. 

Reduce risk.
 Every business carries a certain amount of risk. With its Customer “Compliance” Solutions, AMP ensures compliance with JCAHO/CARF and OSHA Testing, ORS and DHR Audit Surveys, Liability Coverage for State Owned Vehicles, Malpractice Coverage, Worker’s Compensation and Quality Control Status Reports.
ActionMed's Owners And Senior Managment Team
AMP is owned by 13 physicians specializing in Anesthesiology. AMP’s senior staff consists of vice presidents and directors with experience in both government and corporate sectors. This progressive team has created an implementation model that provides “world class” management services and staff leasing to its Community Mental Health Organization clients. 

Senior Leadership Team
Nathan Cumbie, Chief Executive Officer
Naomi Stifter, Vice President of Human Resources and Staffing Operations


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